Shipping Policy

The Shipping Policy section explains the kinds of shipping we support, few rare cases that might occur, and the methods how we handle those.

We basically support Regular and DHL methods. The Regular Shipping takes around 3 to 5 days for the product's delivery and DHL takes about 2 to 3 days. The charges in both the cases are added while the buyer checks out to make a payment along with the product's charges.

We do not transmit the orders if there is a weekend or a public holiday. The process is carry-forwarded the next business day. Those who wish to get their delivery soon as possible are requested to order the items particularly in the morning till 11 am. The late orders are processed the next working day.

You need to confirm that you or someone else is present at your doorsteps so as to collect the parcel. If this isn't the case, the package is kept for few days at post office waiting for someone's arrival to claim for possession. The post office authorities re-send the products to us if no one goes there.

In addition to this, please be aware about the import policies your country has. Some countries do not allow the import if certain companies don't fulfill their specific norms or even if they do, they ask for heavy taxes. The citizens need to be conscious of whatever they decide since they are the ones who will require to pay the extra money. The shipping charges that we take only enclose the shipping being done by us from our country to your country, and no other extra local charges the government at your locality asks. If the authorities deny giving you your parcel because of your reluctance towards not paying such payments, we won't be accountable for the same.

It is possible that certain scenario might arise at the moment that could cause troubles for us to manage the order's delivery process. The circumstances could be natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, flood, drought, etc. or wars, riots, curfews, and other related cases. These issues would practically affect the delivery procedure and may delay it for some time unless everything subsides. If nothing seem to be diminishing we will refund your amount back in full. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more queries or concerns.