Privacy Policy

This section covers the methods how we collect certain data and the various ways we safeguard them all. Please go through the norms so as to remain updated.

We gather Indirect and Direct information. The Indirect type is what we collect while a visitor or registered user opens our website. Such details are intentionally taken without notification. These are the operating system's, browser's and IP address' details. Through the IP address we are able to find out your geographical location as well. We also send Cookies so that we are able to collect your visits, purchases, area of interests, etc. simply to enhance your browsing experience by personalizing your profile. If you choose to limit or block the cookies you won't be able to entirely observe the website's experience. We will still be able to gather your IP address, browser's details, etc. We cannot collect your personal details unless you willingly share that with us.

The Direct information collection is being done by us through filling up an online form which asks the basic details of yours like your full name, postal address, email, phone number, etc. Your Credit card details will still not be asked unless you make an online payment. Do remember that if you have blocked the cookies you won't be able to make a purchase. In that case, you will need to unblock the cookies. If you purchase something, some of the sensitive information has to be filled by you; that won't be stored in our database but temporarily in a server till the whole process is undertaken. Also we follow the SSL encryption technology that further encapsulates the users' data from unauthorized entities. We do not send or share our users' data to any other party unless such parties are involved in our further processing such as courier services, that too a part of info which is necessary. These third parties are bound by specific norms and won't act beyond the set limits; hence ensuring your safety.

We send across emails to our users and subscribers, keeping an intention of sharing the info like launch of new product(s), revision of price structure, deals and discounts, newsletters, etc. after a certain number of days. Those who aren't interested in such emails may anytime unsubscribe and they won't be receiving such things. Please contact us in case of doubts or queries or for seeking out more details.